Here are the EASY STEPS for getting what you want and need with Casa Verde:

1. Call and talk to one of our Casa Verde Ambassadors or fill out our “Request a Walkthrough” form to schedule a consultation.

2. One of our skilled experts will walk through your home with you doing a multi-point inventory of equipment and systems, taking pictures along the way. You’ll receive a detailed, accurate statement of your home’s systems, equipment, and appliance maintenance needs along with their model and serial numbers for you to keep. We can register ownership and warranties for your appliances and equipment if you so choose.

sub zero coffee3. We’ll set you up with our Casa Verde Whole Home Suite of services. Then you’ll choose the add-ons that are perfect for you and your home. You’ll have the personalized program that is just right for you!

4. Your Casa Verde Ambassador and you will work together to execute the maintenance program you choose while treating your home, your time, and your privacy with the utmost respect. 


You’ll always be working with the same team of trusted professionals every time. They’ll contact you with appointment reminders and “on the way” notifications. They’ll keep track of and document everything, so you won’t have to. You can rest assured that everything will be maintained to your complete satisfaction.


Casa Verde is not a handyman service, cleaning service, pool service company, home warranty company, personal assistants, nor an HVAC or other specialized service company. We monitor the appliances, equipment, and systems in your home, make sure they operate correctly, and then maintain them for you. If repairs are needed, or if you are looking for someone to diagnose or trouble shoot potential problems with your HVAC or other specialized system, we will recommend local providers.